Dierks Bentley Shares Pot Brownies Helped Him Write His Latest Album

Dierks Bentley just released his ninth studio album on June 8th entitled "The Mountain". Fans are reacting incredibly well to the record so Dierks felt it was time to share his writing inspiration for it and what he has to say just might surprise you! 


Dierks Bentley shared that he had to depart from his home in Nashville and head out to the mountains (get it yet?) of Colorado to get inspiration to write. He explains that he has already written records on "Music Row" and about making up, breaking up, etc. He even credits his wife, Cassidy, as being the inspiration for his last album, "Black". Bentley shares that it was time to write not about a person, but about a place. 

This being said, he ventured out west with his team. Here's where the story gets interesting! Dierks Bentley says that he wanted to take "fans higher" with this album so that just means high like the top of a mountain right? That! and high as in marijuana high. Other than Colorado, Bentley also credits A LOT of weed brownies as being his inspiration! He says that upon arriving in the mountains, he was greeted by the cabin owner grinding up an elk carcass and passing around a tray of pot brownies which Bentley eagerly dove in on.

"We honored 4/20 every single day we were there. We were in Colorado after all." -Dierks Bentley

The "Mountain Man" spent a lot of time out west with his buddies. They wrote all the tracks for the album in that cabin and even recorded the album in the same area. Bentley spent each and every day on the top of that mountain; drinking coffee, watching the sun come up, and yes getting high. 

What do you think about the singer's methods? We think it made a pretty fantastic album! 


Source: Rolling Stone

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