Florida Man Caught With Weed Hid In Valentine's Box Of Chocolates

Leave it to Florida Man to ruin his Valentine's Day with this stunt!

This Florida man was wanted in Hardee County for unspecified charges. A tip from the United States Marshal Service Fugitive Apprehension Task Force led the Hardee County Sheriff's Office to make a visit to a home in the area.

Mario Orosco was found by deputies hiding in the attic of the home. Before taking him into custody, Sheriff's deputies said they noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the kitchen. After investigating, they found that Mario had hidden weed inside a Valentine's Day box of chocolates!

The authorities found several grams of weed inside 17 small baggies. That's one way to say "I love you" to someone this Valentine's Day although not according to the sheriff's office who said this.

"And even though Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, we highly advise against giving your special someone a heart full of marijuana. Stick with the chocolate and thank us later"

It is safe to say that Florida Man's Valentine's Day is no longer going quite the way he planned.

Source: Click Orlando

Photo: Hardee County Sheriff's Office

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