Florida Man Tried To Beat The Heat By Driving Into Pool

Car In Pool

We know the heat in Florida is getting to everybody this time of year, but perhaps there is a better way to stay cool than this one!

This Florida Man drove his car into a residential pool the other day. It was accidental, but it is still funny. According to reports, he made the costly mistake of accidentally hitting the gas instead of breaks. The car eventually stopped, but it was at the bottom of the pool!

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook some photos of the mistake with the following caption,

"OOPS! That's not where this goes. A driver accidentally drove into a pool when trying to avoid a car then hitting the gas instead of the brakes. Luckily, there were no injuries but next time, it might be better to grab your swim trunks instead. #teamhcso #SheriffChadChronister"


Source: Fox News, Photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

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