Alligator Blocks Runway At Florida Air Force Base

MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa had a rather large bump in the road (or well runway) the other day!

A large alligator decided to camp out on the runway at the air force base. The base's wildlife manager and other staff then had to grab a front-end loader and scoop him up in the bucket to move him off the track.

A spokesman for the base said alligator sightings are common around there and their friend was safely removed back to one of the bodies of water on location.

After they got him moved, MacDill posted a photo on their Facebook page with the caption,

"Your friendly,#TeamMacDill gator - preparing for take-off. #FuelTheFight #FloridaMan(Don't worry, he was safely escorted off the flight line)"

Source: Click Orlando

Photo: MacDill Air Force Base Facebook

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