Manatee Seen Hugging Florida Snorkeler

Despite all the bizarre stories, Florida does have some pretty spectacular moments too. Check out this incredible video of a manatee swimming right up to a snorkeler and giving her a hug!

Please note, it is illegal to intentionally annoy, molest, or disturb manatees in Florida.

However, for Mandy Egner, the manatee approached her! She was snorkeling in Crystal River when the fella swam up.

From the video captured, we can see that the curious manatee just wanted to see what she was doing. Mandy knew the rules about interacting with him and was careful not to disrupt. The manatee did not appear to be bothered at all and even brushed up against her appearing to give her a hug.

You've all heard of dog whisperers, well, Mandy must be the sea cow whisperer. Seriously, this is pretty spectacular!

Source: Story Trender

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