Florida Aquarium To Open Jellyfish Petting Tank

What many thought was an April Fools Prank was definitely not a joke! The Florida Aquarium announced yesterday (April 1st) that they would be opening jellyfish petting tank! Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like, visitors can... pet... jellyfish.

Now we know the next question in your head, wouldn't that hurt? Yes, jellyfish are venomous and do cause a painful sting if approached in the wild. However, the aquarium will show you the proper way to touch the jellyfish.

Visitors will be instructed to touch the moon jelly on top of its bell and at the surface of the water. At this specific place in this location, there aren't any stinging risks.

The Aquarium hopes that this exhibit will change the way people view "jellies" and will teach others to care about every animal in the ocean including ones that normally have a bad rep.

The 2,000-gallon tank will open this summer in the lobby of the Florida Aquarium.

Source: Tampa Bay Tim

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