Boyfriend Lost At Epcot, Girl Uses Social Media To Find Him

Brittany Blake and her boyfriend were separated at Epcot on Friday so Brittany took to social media to find him. Her hilarious post read,

“Weird post but lost my boyfriend in Epcot today and haven’t been able to find him for hours because his phone is dead. If anyone sees him can they tell him to meet us at the Mexican pavillion?”

Her post also included a photo of the couple showing what her boyfriend was wearing, a very bright Hawaiian shirt.

In just 2 hours, more than 1,300 people commented on the post to help her find him.

Comments included "That shirt is very distinctive. Someone should be able to spot him". and "This is my favorite post ever in AP! #FindRegory #FindBrittanyBF."

One hilarious comment even included a picture of Stitch in the same Hawaiian shirt, "I did not see him, but Stitch has a similar shirt on".

After a long day of Where's Waldo? Epcot Edition, Brittany finally did find her bae... in line for the Frozen Ride... (just where any 20 year old would be hanging out, right?) Brittany thanked all for their help after she found him and left this post,

"Update on my boyfriend: Found on the Frozen ride. He was drinking all day while looking for me. BTW Thanks for everyone's nice comments!!"

This story has since gone viral and is exactly why the internet is such a great place!

Source: ABC Action New

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