School Of Rock Star Arrested In Florida For Stealing Guitars

Joey Gaydos Jr, known for playing the lead guitarist Zach in School Of Rock is under arrest for ironically enough, stealing guitars! Joey was busted right here in Florida at Troll Music Store and Sarasota Sam Ash Music Store. He now faces felony charges for larceny and grand theft.

He was busted 4 times in the last 5 weeks for stealing guitars and an amplifier.

Joey was caught on security footage below swiping a Buddy Guy model Fender Strat guitar from Troll. He casually strummed the guitar before sneaking out the door with it.

Police say Joey's stealing started early this year when he allegedly stole:

  • a blue Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul - $800
  • a black Fender Stratocaster - $699
  • a Gibson Les Paul gold top - $1,900
  • oh yeah and the amp to play all these on!

Authorities say Joey confessed to the crimes, however, in court he pleased not guilty. We'll see what's next for this Rock N' Roll rebel!

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