Palm Beach County Lawyer Stages Fake DUI Trial To Propose To His Girlfriend

This is too cute! As you know with the power of social media, couples are constantly coming up with more and more extravagant ways to propose. For this powerhouse lawyer couple from Palm Beach County, the man went as far as to stage a fake DUI trial to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Brandon Dinetz knew he'd have to work hard to surprise his girlfriend Jen Lettman. Brandon spent five months plotting a fake DUI trial at the Palm Beach County Courthouse. The trial had it all from a judge, defense attorney, and fictional defendant. The jury was even made up of 17 of Jen's friends and family.

Jen said it was perfectly normal for the two to watch each other's opening statements so it wasn't odd for her to be in the courtroom that day. It wasn't until she noticed his dad and her own family that she knew what was happening. Yes, Jen said yes and you can watch the whole proposal on YouTube right now! So cute!

“I wasn’t really paying attention until I recognized that one of the jurors looked like Brandon’s dad, which I thought was funny. Then I saw my dad and I was so confused. When I saw my sister I knew what was happening and I started crying.
“Of course I said yes,” she added."


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