50 Dogs Recovering, Rescued From Filthy Palm Beach Gardens Home

Palm Beach Gardens (CBS 12):

Fifty dogs are now being nursed back to health after they were found living in deplorable conditions inside a home where a man was also found dead Monday.

The dogs were taken to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League where they are now being evaluated.

Rich Anderson, the Executive Director, says the dogs range in age from newborn puppies to possibly 10 years or older.

“We've identified dental issues with most, if not all of the dogs and skin issues that will have to be treated; obviously they’re not in the best grooming shape,” he said.

On Tuesday veterinarians will perform more extensive exams, checking the dogs for additional underlying medical issues.

“We do know that every one of these dogs does need to be spayed and neutered so that is an additional expense to us.”

Anderson says the rescued dogs are a mix of small breeds, like Poodles and Pomeranians.

“Some were more easy going than others,” he said. “Obviously they’re coming from a very traumatic situation, a number of them are quite skittish.”

According to Animal Care And Control, Palm Beach County Sheriff deputies found the dogs inside a home along Roan Lane in Palm Beach Gardens.

They said relatives requested a welfare check on the man who lived there.

When deputies arrived, they found the man dead.

The dogs appeared neglected, living in filthy horrendous conditions.

One of the dogs did not survive.

“They’re going to need quite a bit of time to recover from their health issues, get the treatment they need, and really recover from this traumatic experience,” Anderson said.

He hopes that after a few weeks of care all of the dogs will be healthy enough to make available for adoption.

In the meantime, Anderson says taking in an additional 50 dogs overnight is expected to create some financial stress for the shelter.

If you would like to make a donation to help care for these dogs until they can get adopted, click here.

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