Eric Church Brother's Cause Of Death Revealed

Eric Church

Eric Church's younger brother, Brandon, passed away on June 29th of last year after suffering two seizures. The cause behind the seizure's and Brandon's death have now been revealed. 

Brandon's death was due to "consequences of chronic alcoholism". According to the autopsy, there were no illegal substances in his body at his time of death. However he was on medication for bipolar disorder and depression. 

His autopsy also states this, "According to his primary care provider, his history includes binge drinking followed shortly thereafter by episodes of seizure activity upon the withdrawal of alcohol use.  This is a 36-year-old white male with a known history of alcohol withdrawal-induced seizure disorder (non-traumatic), chronic alcohol use and substance abuse in the past."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Eric Church and his family as they face this difficult knowledge. Brandon played a big part in his brother's career helping write several songs Eric has recorded over the years including "How 'Bout You". 

The memorial fund set up in Brandon's name has now raised over $45,000. 

Source: Premiere Prep

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