Missing Michigan Cat Found In Florida 2 Months Later

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Here's a crazy Homeward Bound story for you! except it's about a cat. 

Bandit, a 2 1/2 year old Tabby Cat, went missing from his owner in suburban Detroit over 2 months ago. His owner had more or less given up hope on Bandit returning home that was until she received a phone call from a vet in Tampa, FL!

The staff at the BluePearl Pet Hospital in Tampa found Bandit outside and when they scanned his microchip learned he was a long way from home. Both Bandit's owner and the vet had never seen a cat travel this far! Bandit must have hitched a ride on a moving vehicle and made it all the way to the Sunshine state. 

Bandit is set to catch a flight back to Michigan later this week and his owner hopes he isn't too disappointed to go from sunny Florida back to cold Michigan. His owner also said this former indoor-outdoor cat may be confined to the house after this adventure. 

"He is a little traveler" for sure!

Tabby Cat

Source: CBS 12, Photos: Getty Images

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