Man Sneaks Into Bed With Women Staying In Boynton Airbnb


This is seriously so creepy! We've all heard horror stories about Airbnb and Hotel experiences, but this one might be the worst of them all. 

Two young women in their twenties rented a room from a Boynton Beach Airbnb over the weekend, but the stay was nothing like they expected it to be! The girls are traumatized after a creepy man let himself into the room and crawled into bed with them! 

Heather, the girl who rented the room, said that around 4 a.m she felt like someone was watching them. When she opened her eyes that was exactly what she found. She said the man then got on his knees and crawled around the bed before climbing in between the two women. 

Heather was too scared to move and unfortunately her phone, which was under her pillow, had a dead battery. "All you are thinking is what if he has a weapon, what if he has friends with him", she said. 

The man never tried to harm or touch them and after 10 minutes, Heather pretended to stir to scare him away. He thought they were waking up at that point so he slid out of bed. He stood up and stared at them for a while longer before leaving through a sliding glass door.

The Airbnb listing promised a quiet private room in a gated community for $45 a night. We don't quite think that's what these two ladies received. Let this be a warning to always keep your guard up when traveling.


Source: CBS 12

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