Florida Man Gets Dirty Underwear In Miami Uber Eats Delivery

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Uber Eats customer, Leo, ordered food from a Japanese restaurant in Miami over the weekend. In addition to getting his dumplings and other food, he got something else included for free! 

Leo received a pair of DIRTY UNDERWEAR with his food! 

Leo said he met the delivery driver outside his hotel. "I grabbed the food and right when I got the food she took off running and I was like, 'That was kind of odd,'" Leo said.

Leo brushed it off and didn't look in the bag until back at his room. He saw something cloth next to the bag with his food in it and thinking it was a napkin, he pulled it out. However, it wasn't a napkin at all! It was a pair of thigh length underwear stained with human feces! 

We don't know about you, but we are gagging already!


Leo contacted Uber and the Police Department to report the incident. Uber issued him a full refund, but other than that not much else was done for him. The police did say they were looking into it. 

What would you do if you found dirty underwear in your food order? \

Source: ABC 10, Photo: Getty Images

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