Adam Sandler Stars In Boca Couple's Wedding Photo

Talk about wedding goals!

This Boca couple had an unexpected surprise guest on the day of their wedding when they were taking photos. Karan and Tatiana Shah were shooting at the Pavillion Grille on Yamato Road when Mr. Adam Sandler drove by in his car. 

Adam Sandler had just been playing basketball nearby and was on his way out of the area when the couple spotted him. 

“There’s a guy reversing out with his window down, and I’m just looking at my beautiful bride, and I look and look and look, and I’m looking at her and ... Adam Sandler? And he’s like, ‘That’s me!", Karan shared with the local news station. 

The couple thanks Adam so much for jumping in their photo and making a wonderful memory. Especially since the last thing he probably wanted to do after playing basketball was pose for a photo shoot.


That time at our wedding when @AdamSandler had a cameo! What a super nice guy! Probably the last thing he wanted to do after playing basketball was to star in our wedding pics but he hopped right in and made the day even more remarkable! Thanks Adam! #adamsandler #justmarried#PalmBeachPhotography #BestDayEver#cameo #theweddingsinger #WeddingDay#married #celebrity #FloridaWedding

There you have it, folks! Robbie Hart (aka the Wedding Singer) is in Palm Beach County!


Sources: WPTV, Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach Photography Inc.

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