Florida Man Dressed As Fred Flinstone Pulled Over For Driving Footmobile

Fred Flinstone Florida Man

When you hear the words, Florida Man pulled over by law enforcement and issued a citation, it seems normal enough. However, how about Fred Flinstone pulled over by law enforcement in Florida? That's a completely different story! 

Don Swartz was driving around Pasco County, Florida dressed as Fred Flinstone in his Smart Car disguised as the footmobile. 

Deputy H. Echevarria pulled Swartz over for allegedly speeding in a neighborhood and issued him a notice. However, this was all in good fun and the Pasco Sheriff's Office shared the below statement about the investigation. 

"A very special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Don and Trina Swartz for being such great sports... Yabba Dabba Doo!"


Source: Local 10

Photo: Pasco Sheriff's Office

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