Kansas Man Kept 7 Foot Alligator In Home As Pet

A Kansas City man was keeping a 7-foot alligator in his home as a pet! Animal control took the wild animal away yesterday after the man was evicted from the property. 

Sean Casey had to leave all his beloved pets behind when authorities showed up at the property. This included the alligator named "Catfish", three snakes, and a rabbit named "Dinner". (Probably because Catfish was going to make the rabbit dinner). 

According to KC Animal Control it took four responders to wrangle Catfish who is over 200 lbs. Although, the rescue was exciting for animal control, it was devastating for Casey who says he is going to fight to get him back! Casey has had Catfish since he was a baby and only 15 inches long. 

“He had his own way of saying, 'Hi,' to people. They’re not big ferocious animals like people think. They have personalities." -Sean Casey (Owner)


However, for right now, Catfish is happily residing at Monkey Island, an exotic animal rescue group in a nearby town. The rest of the pets are being cared for by Kansas City Pet Project. Animal Control seems to think Sean Casey will not be getting them back. 

Source: WTKR

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