Boy Meets World Actor Mr. Feeny Scares Off Burglar


Don't mess with Mr. Feeny! Even at 91-years old, the actor who played Feeny is still kicking butt. The Los Angeles home of Mr. and Mrs. William Daniels was broken into the other night. When the burglar tried to kick in the back door, both Daniels and his wife were home. Mr. Daniels flicked the outdoor lights on and scared the intruder away. 

"Someone tried to break into the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Daniels on Saturday evening. Luckily, Mr. Daniels was able to frighten away the person and the LAPD quickly responded.  They are both well.  Mr Daniels thanks all his fans for their concern. - Bill's Media Team"


TMZ wrote that if flicking the lights on didn't scare the intruder away, we're sure a quick march down to Mr. Feeny's classroom and a stern, but life-changing lecture would've done the trick! 

There you have it. Even at 91-years old, don't mess with Feeny! 



Source: TMZ

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