5 Super Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes


CRAP! It's Halloween and you forgot to pick up a costume. Now your friends want to go out on the town or your kids are begging you to dress up too or let's face it, you're trying to snag that $4 burrito from Chipotle and desperately need something FAST! 

Here's 5 super-easy, last-minute, you can make this from stuff in your closet Halloween costumes! 

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1. Ghost

Classic Halloween costume right here and oh so easy! Grab a white sheet and cut out two eyes. Better yet, if you half a** this even more, you can pass it off as the Charlie Brown ghost. 


2. Life Gives You Lemons

Literally, just write "Life" on a name tag, stick it to your shirt, and walk around with a basket of lemons. Life Gives You Lemons, get it? Hahahah.

3. Mr. Rogers

All you need is a dress shirt, a tie, a light-colored cardigan, slacks, and sperry's. Be sure to make a quick sock puppet to go with it!


4. Emojis

Guys! There are emojis such as the shrugging person or the face palm that is literally just a purple or blue shirt. Just make sure when someone asks you what you are, you shrug properly. 

5. Chip On Your Shoulder

This might be my favorite! All you need for this is a bag of chips attached to your shoulder and BAM! 

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