Florida Man Parks In Strangers Driveway, Breaks In To Use Bathroom

40-Year Old, Daniel Alfred Jenk, was arrested Saturday night after a slew of crimes were committed including driving under the influence and breaking and entering. 

Tampa Bay Times reported that Jenk was drunk when he pulled his convertible into a stranger's driveway and stumbled through the front door of the house to use the toilet. 

This happened just before dawn and the owner of the house shared that he was rudely awakened by Jenk barging in. Jenk was not violent and simply told the homeowner he needed to use the bathroom before proceeding down the hall, going to the bathroom, flushing the toilet, and then exiting the house and driving away. 

Thankfully, it wasn't much worse and the residents two children slept sound in their bed through the whole encounter. Officers in Hernando County found Jenk shortly after where he claimed he did not remember any of it because he was drunk.

Daniel Alfred Jenk

Source: Tampa Bay Times

Photo: Hernando County Sheriff's Office

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