Toby Keith Re-Releasing His Debut Album

The original cowboy is re-releasing his debut self-titled album as a 25th anniversary remastered version. The new version will be titled "Should've Been A Cowboy (25th Anniversary)". The title recognizes the massive success of Toby Keith's first ever hit in 1993 and also the most played country song of the '90s.

The remastered album comes out on November 30th and for the first time ever will also be available on vinyl! The album features a commemorative cover, new liner notes, and three never-released tracks from Toby's personal connection. 

We're just saying, this album drop is just in time for the holidays and would probably be a prime Christmas present for any genuine country music fan, don't you agree? 


Should’ve Been a Cowboy (25th Anniversary) Track Listing

1. "Should’ve Been a Cowboy"

2. "He Ain’t Worth Missing"

3. "Under The Fall"

4. "Some Kinda Good Kinda Hold on Me"

5. "Wish I Didn’t Know"

6. "Ain’t No Thang"

7. "Valentine"

8. "A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action"

9. "Mama Come Quick"

10. "Close but No Guitar"


11. "Tossin’ and Turnin’"

12. "I’ll Still Call You Baby"

13. "Daddy Mac"

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