Hocus Pocus Drinking Game For Halloweeen

Delish + Cosmopolitan shared this cheat sheet for perhaps the greatest Halloween game ever! (Move over Ouija Board, we have something more fun that doesn't involve letting ghosts lose in the house). 


The Hocus Pocus game is simple. Gather around all your friends with a bottle of liquor and get ready for your annual screening of the movie. On the board (seen below) you'll find all the categories. 

For example, Drink When... Mary Barks; Finish Your Drink When... They're singing "I Put A Spell On You"; and Take A Shot When... You know the line before it's said. 

The winner of the game is whoever ends up drinking the least (or maybe whoever drinks the most). Depends how you play! But either way, this is sure to become your new favorite Halloween game! 

Tag someone who NEEDS to play!


Source: Delish + Cosmopolitan

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