11 Best Cities To Celebrate Halloween

It's Spooky Season! and with the OG Scaring Holiday of Halloween right around the corner, we thought we'd share some of the best cities in the country for celebrating Halloween. 

1. Las Vegas, NV

Although, Halloween in Las Vegas is definitely R-Rated, it is still one of the best cities to celebrate in. There are many Halloween-themed shows happening on the strip and many of the clubs and casinos hold costume parties where you can win not candy, but cash!

2. West Hollywood, CA

WeHo features one of the largest Halloween parties IN. THE. WORLD. The Halloween Carnaval Street Festival has six stages of live music, a costume contest, and celebrities running amuck. You can even look for the celebrity who will be named "Queen Of The Carnaval". 

3. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is often known for Mardi Gras, but they are also a great town to visit for Halloween. Their official parade is the Krewe of Boo and is unlike anything you've ever seen before with 3D Halloween Floats!


4. New York City 

New York City is a great city to visit for any holiday so why should Halloween be any different! The city features many festivities including the annual Village Halloween Parade with afterparty. This year's theme is "I AM a Robot".

5. Orlando, FL

Right here in our own backyard! Orlando is one of the best cities to spend Halloween for one reason only, all the theme parks! For a real thrill, head over to Universal Orlando for the annual Halloween Horror Nights. This year featuring more houses than ever! 

And if you need a more family friendly option, Magic Kingdom at Disney World holds Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party each evening. The Halloween Party also features meet-and-greets with Disney Characters that only appear in the month of October! 


6. Dallas, TX

Right outside of Dallas is Screams Halloween Theme Park, the largest Halloween Park in the U.S! It includes 5 insane Haunted Houses and other attractions and live entertainment! 


7. Salem, MA

Salem was home to the Salem Witch Trials back in 1692 and even though this was over 300 years ago, the town still comes to life each October. The month-long festival features both children's activities, as well as spookier adult events.

8. Sleepy Hollow, NY

Sleepy Hollow is the town home to the very famous Headless Horseman. Throughout the month of October, tourists can visit Horseman's Hollow and take lantern tours of the town and cemetery, as well as a haunted hayride. 

9. Keene, NH (and surrounding towns)

The Keene Pumpkin Festival takes place on October 28th and features a variety of pumpkins including jack o' lanterns and pumpkin bowling. However, in surrounding towns you can also find a 34-foot tower of pumpkins and a haunted 5k and 10k run/walk with beer garden. 


10. Charleston, SC

Since Charleston is one of America's oldest towns, it just makes sense that they'd have some haunted tales to go along with that history. In the month of October, you can visit all the old mansions with Halloween themes and visit all the contests and festivals happening downtown! 

11. Key West, FL

Also right here in our backyard is the wonderful city of Key West! Key West offers haunted tours year-round so you know they're going to step up for Halloween! In October, Key West has a 10-day raucous raising, party going, costume-wearing, body-painting extravaganza. This, along with, the tours and haunted forts makes for one great Halloween.


There you have it! Have you been to any of these citites? Which city would you want to visit this Halloween? 

Source: Forbes

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