Dunkin Donuts Released A Beer And It's Available Now!

It's October! Which means cooler weather (slightly cooler for us in Florida) and lots of beer! They don't call it Oktoberfest for nothing right? 

If you're anything like us and love beer, but also love coffee, then this fall will be extra special for you! Dunkin Donuts (soon to be just Dunkin') has teamed up with Harpoon Brewery to create this AMAZING Dunkin' Coffee Porter Beer! 

and no, it is not a beer that's still in the works and may or may not ever see the light of day. It is available for purchase right now nationwide! To find a location to purchase a six-pack, head to the Harpoon Beer Finder right here.


This beer is available for a limited time only. It features a roasty beer with a heavy dose of Dunkin's espresso blend coffee. The drink is 6% ABV. 

Don't let the Dunkin logo on the front of the bottle fool you though! It is still alcohol and you more than likely will get in trouble if you try to pass it off as your afternoon coffee at work! 

All Dunkin Donuts To Change Name To "Dunkin"
All Dunkin Donuts To Change Name To "Dunkin"
{'author': 'Sara Taylor', 'description': 'In January of 2019, all locations worldwide will become just "Dunkin". ', 'image':...

Source: Thrillist

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