Kangaroo On The Loose In Jupiter Farms

Well you don't see that everyday! 

There is an animal on the loose this morning and it is not a cat or a dog, it is a kangaroo!

The kangaroo has been on the run throughout the farms all morning and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation has been out trying to track it down. 

The Kangaroo's name is Storm and he escaped from his animal sanctuary out in the farms where he was kept with six other kangaroos. Owner Eric Westergard said he's not sure how Storm escaped, but sometimes they get spooked from storms or other animals. 


There have been multiple spottings of Storm including the one video posted to Facebook above by a mom bringing her kids to the bus stop. Although, he has made multiple appearances to many people out there, he has yet to be caught and returned home.

If you do spot Storm, please report your sighting to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation. 


Source: CBS 12 

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