Tervis Is Giving Away 10,000 Free Tumblers In Florida

As Floridians, we love being out in the sun, but the heat causes drinks to get hot so fast around here! Whether you're boating or hitting up the beach or the pool, the perfect way to keep your drink cool is with an insulated tumbler. Some of Florida's favorite tumblers are the ones made by Tervis! 

If you're not familiar with Tervis, they are the plastic cups seen below that come in a wide variety of graphics from sports teams to Disney characters to your favorite beach or print.


Whether this will be your first Tervis or just another one to add to your collection, you can get your hands on a free tumbler next Thursday, September 27th. Florida-based Tervis will be giving away 10,000 exclusive reusable tumblers for anyone that signs their #TakeYourTervis pledge. 

By signing the petition, you agree to stop using disposable cups and take your Tervis with you when you go out for a drink. This is part of Tervis' effort to be "committed to making a positive impact on our oceans and environment by reducing waste." 

The free tumbler will be available at all Tervis locations in Florida on Thursday and online while supplies last!

Source: WFLA Tampa

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