Martha Stewart Will Be Coming To The Regional In West Palm

Cooking Icon, Martha Stewart, will be traveling to Palm Beach County next year for a very special dinner at local restaurant, The Regional!

Chef Lindsay Autry of The Regional Kitchen & Public House is already "fan girling" of having the opportunity to cook alongside Martha Stewart and Buccan Chef, Clay Conley. 

“When I found out it would be Martha Stewart, I mean, I’m such a fan girl. I don’t feel that way about a lot of people, but I thought, ‘Okay, this is awesome!" 

-Chef Lindsay Autry

Martha Stewart will be here for the South Beach Food & Wine Festival in February. This is the first year a Palm Beach County restaurant will be highlighted in the Miami event. The Regional dinner will be held on Thursday, February 21, 2019 from 7p-10p.

If you would like to be at the dinner, tickets will go on sale to the public on October 22nd. They start at $250/person. 

Martha Stewart

The Regional Kitchen & Public House is also a part of Flavor Palm Beach 2018 running through the month of September. 

Enter to win your dinner for two for Flavor Palm Beach below!

Source: Palm Beach Post

Photo: Getty Images

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