Florida Man Filmed Driving Totaled Truck Around Town

There's no way this vehicle is passing inspection! This man was spotted driving his totaled truck down the road in Crestview, FL the other day. All we can say is he's lucky it still runs!

The truck is smashed to pieces, the drivers side door is stuck open, the roof is collapsed, and most of the inside cab is gone. We think it may be time to drive that thing down to the swamp and collect the insurance money, but hey! maybe he can't part ways with it just yet. 


The full video was uploaded to YouTube by Viral Hog. The original man who captured the video shared this about his discovery. 

"I am a Process Server and an Private Investigator for a law firm. I had just served a paper and was on the serve the next when I saw this vehicle pulling out into a highway as I passed by. I then saw the vehicle take a side road that lead to a “short-cut” to avoid being seen by cops. I took the next side road, expecting to see the truck pass me at the stop sign. It did."


Source: Geekologie

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