Drunk Florida Man Crashes Truck, Jumps Into Ocean To Escape Police

Nicholas Tralka

A Florida man suspected of drunk driving attempted to run from the police.  He would have gotten away with it too if not for the giant meddling ocean in the way of his escape. 

Nicholas Tralka, 31-years-old, led Monroe County sheriff's deputies on a high-speed chase until he crashed his truck and tried to run away.  He jumped over the seawall and into the Atlantic Ocean, swam to a bridge, and held onto a piling. 

A fisherman was able to spot him and alerted police to his location. 

Police were eventually able to pull Tralka out of the water by a police boat.  He apologized to the officers and told them it would "make a great story."

He was charged with driving while under the influence, causing property damage and resisting arrest.

Photos: Monroe County Sheriff's Office

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