5 Pounds Of Weed Found In Florida Thrift Store Donations

A thrift store in Sarasota, FL received an unusual donation the other day. Workers discovered a fairly large brown paper bag amongst clothes when they were sorting items for the store. One worker then cut a hole in the bag and discovered a whole lot of marijuana inside! They called local police who came out to investigate and found the weed weighed in at a whopping 2,100 grams/5 lbs. 

Photo Credit: Sarasota Police Department

According to a tweet from a FOX news reporter in the area, police are still trying to discover who put it there and whether it was intentional to donate it or perhaps a stoner's BIG mistake. 

TWITTER: "@SarasotaPD is investigating after more than 2,100 grams of marijuana were found in the clothing donation box at Pines Thrift Store on Orange Avenue. Police are now trying to figure out how it got there and who put it there."


Source: CBS 12, Fox 13, Sarasota Police Department

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