Monster Lizard Terrifies Miami Homeowners

One Miami family has a new pet that I'm sure they didn't ask for. 

This monster lizard has taken up residency in their backyard and is refusing to leave.

The lizard weighs in at about 150 lbs and is 7 feet long. The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation came out and tried to assist the family in trapping the monster using dead rodents and chicken thighs, but alas they failed.

The homeowners are not taking comfort knowing the reptile is still on the lose. They shared that last Sunday night they caught it at their back door scratching to get inside. 

The Florida FWC did inform them that lizards are relatively harmless and have no history of attacking people, but we're sure the family does not want to test that theory especially in an extreme case like this one. 

How would you react if you saw this bad boy walking around? 


Source: ClickOrlando, News 6

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