Kane Brown Almost Died While Filming "Weekend" Music Video

The music video for Kane Brown's latest single, "Weekend" is a country fan's dream day. 

The video opens in a Wal-Mart where Kane Brown and his friends load a cart full of beer, chips, toys, everything. Then it moves to a lake house where the friends all truly take on the weekend with pool floats, inner tubes, and a boat. All in all, the music video depicts the perfect summer day. 

Kane shared that filming it was super easy too! It is exactly what it seems! Him and his fiance and all their friends just bumming around on the weekend. It was completely candid. 

However, what you may not know is that Brown had a near death experience while filming. 


At one point during the day, one of Brown's "larger" friends weighing in at 305 lbs wanted to go tubing. 

"As soon as the boat started pulling us, I knew it was a bad idea".

Kane explains that as the boat started speeding up, him and his buddy's tubes began bouncing off each other. Kane says he felt like he was being "hit by a truck". The next thing he knew, both his friend and the tube were 15 feet in the air and ready to land on top of him!

Now being safe on land and able to laugh about it, Kane says, 

"I [really] thought, ‘I’m about to die.' It was hysterical."

Well we are really glad you're able to laugh about it now, Kane, and more importantly we are SO SO glad you're okay! 

You can see all the fun Kane Brown and his friends had that day by watching the official music video for "Weekend" below!


Source: Taste of Country

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