7 Unique Calorie Burning Hacks

Feeling lazy on this Monday? Thinking about skipping the gym? Well here's 7 unique tricks to burn up to 100 calories! 

1. A Hot Bath

A hot bath can burn up to 140 calories per hour 

2. Texting

Texting for an hour straight can burn 100 calories!

3. Sleeping

Next time you're thinking about waking up a few hours earlier to hit the gym, don't! A solid nights sleep actually burns more calories than those who don't sleep a full night.


Coffee boosts your metabolism which means you burn fat faster and also stay awake.

5. Talking

Talking for an hour burns 50 calories. I guess that's why those of us in radio stay so fit. SIKE. 

6. Playing Pool

Whether you're a pool shark or have never played before, you can burn calories playing pool. 

7. Singing Your Heart Out

Channel your inner pop star! Singing burns 100 calories per hour!

Which "exercise" do you think you'll try tonight instead of the gym? 


Source: Diply

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