FL House of Rep Candidate Lies About Having Degree, Poses With Fake Diploma

Melissa Howard, a Republican candidate for the 73rd House of Representatives District near Sarasota, was busted the other day after a news story released sharing that she had lied about having a college degree. Trying to cover her tracks, Howard then posted a photo to Twitter showing a picture rumored to be her and her mom with her college diploma. 

Howard claimed she graduated from Miami University in Ohio with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Marketing. When fact-checked, reporters found out that this particular degree is not offered at this school. They also found that the signature on the diploma is by a Robert Johnson. At the time of Howard's studies, Robert Johnson was the dean of the graduate school not the school of business. 

Since the accusation, the school has spoken out saying Melissa Howard did attend there, she just did not graduate. Howard has since apologized for the matter and is staying in the race.


Source: ABC Local 10

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