Pet Leasing Company Threatens To Repo A Family Dog

This woman had quite a story to share when the pet store she purchased her family's dog from tried to come back and repossess it! When she purchased their golden retriever, Max, she chose to take a financing option to pay for him. Danielle thought she was going to pay monthly until she reached the $1,500 the pet store charged for Max.

However, what she did not know was that she was actually LEASING the dog from a company called Wags Lending. Danielle did not find this out until her final bill was owed which was substantially more than what she had been paying. The final bill also noted that if she did not pay the amount in full by the due date, Wags Lending would be repossessing her dog. 

Danielle shares in the video that she is not paying the final bill and she is definitely not giving up her dog!!

Our first question is how does one even go about repossessing a dog? It's not like a car in a driveway where you can sneak over and tow it in the middle of the night! Secondly, what dog lover in their right mind would let someone just walk in and take their dog? Nothing about this story seems right!

We hope Danielle and her family hang on to their beloved Max! 

Source: Abc 13

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