Spaceship-Shaped Cloud Frightens Florida Beachgoers

Grayton Beach received quite a sight the other day! Like the majority of Florida, storm clouds rolled in this particular afternoon, however, the clouds were unlike anything we had ever seen before! 

Beachgoers were sent scrambling in all directions when this spaceship-shaped cloud formed above them and held it's formation all the way down the beach. 

One regular of Grayton Beach captured the video of the mysterious cloud below and shared that “it came out of nowhere and everyone started running in all directions." 

Jordan Crowder also shared that many of Grayton's Beach visitors are used to storms coming through and usually just ride them out. It was even scarier seeing them pack up their vehicles and head in all different directions. 

The video below gives us a close look at the bizarre UFO cloud. What do you think? Would you be scared or do you think they overreacted? For more photos of this eerie sight, click here.


Source: NWF Daily News

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