Panera Bread Testing New Double Bread Bowl

Panera Bread has unveiled a trial run of this new DOUBLE Bread Bowl! Yes, you heard that right! It is the bread bowl we've all come to love, but the loaf of bread has two holes in it instead of just one. 

For Panera Bread fans, this means that we won't have to choose between baked potato soup and chicken noodle soup or perhaps broccoli-cheddar soup and mac n cheese! We can have them both! 

Panera Bread shared that the bowl is "ideal for sharing with your BFF, significant other, or even a co-worker" or for some all by themselves! 

The bowl is being tested out in 32 Panera Bread locations outside of Philadelphia from August 5th - August 31st. If the double bread bowl is a success, then it will be spread to all cafes!

Anyone already a fan of this? 

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