Keith Urban Shares Advice With Demi Lovato About Recovering From Addiction

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Keith Urban shared some kind words with Demi Lovato about his own struggle with addiction. Urban has been nothing besides open about his own road to recovery sharing this thought. 

"Early on in my sobriety, there was a period when I wished I hadn’t succumbed to drugs and everything the way I did. It sucked up so much creative time, when I should have been in the studio working."

As for his words of wisdom to Lovato, despite not knowing her personally, Urban shared this powerful message. 

"Just [to have] good people around her and a willingness to want to live a different way if that’s what she wants to do. It’s all up to her.”

For the full article from Entertainment Tonight on both Urban and Lovato's struggles, click here

Keith Urban/Demi Lovato
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