Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Not Splitting Up

The rumors that Miley Cyrus and her man, Liam Hemsworth, were breaking up spun into over drive last week when Miley deleted all her Instagram posts. Isn't it funny how in a day and age where social media is king, we automatically assume something is wrong when a celebrity wipes their social media profile clean. 

Anyway, the rumors were just that! and Liam and Miley have addressed that they are not splitting up. Liam even went as far as to post this cute video on his Instagram of the two of them dancing in a car together followed by him teasing his girl in a scare. 


After Liam lets out a scream startling Miley, we hear her comment in fun 

"I'm going to beat the....". 

The cute video reminds us that the two are still very much in love and will remain that way. They were also recently spotted enjoying a date night at Elton John's last Vegas show not too long ago. So as for right now,  the two are perfectly happy together and there's no rumor of anything being wrong. 


"One of the great things I’ll miss about staying in Vegas - you never know who’s going to pop by.Love you @mileycyrus @liamhemsworth"


Source: E! News

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