Deadpool Toilet Seat Cover Is The "Crappiest" Promotion Of The Year

San Diego Comic Con debuted this stinky item during the 2018 convention. It is none other than the Deadpool Toilet Seat Cover! 

Convention goers could find this hot item in bathroom stalls at the event. Smart bathroom goers decided to snatch these up instead of flushing them down the toilet and these hot items (hopefully unused) are now being sold on eBay for up to $50.00. 


The toilet protectors feature Deadpool's face with a caption above it saying, 

"This is all FOX could afford"

and below his face is the promotional part of the item stating, 

"Deadpool 2 is "dropping" soon on Blu-Ray and Digital".

What do you think of this goofy item? Anyone want to take a dump on it?

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