28 Years Ago, Garth Brooks "The Dance" Hit #1 On The Charts

On this day in Country Music, Garth Brooks had the #1 song in the country with "The Dance". The song was written based off of the 1986 film, Peggy Sue Got Married. Songwriter, Tony Arata, was the man behind the song and unfortunately couldn't find anyone to cut it. 

This was until an unsigned Garth Brooks stumbled into Bluebird Cafe and heard Arata performing it. It was here Garth asked if he could record the song once he had a record deal. 

Then in 1989, Garth released his first studio album including songs, "If Tomorrow Never Comes", "Not Counting You", and yes, "The Dance". 

#OnThisDayInCountryMusic Garth Brooks

28 years ago today, the song went #1 where it remained for three consecutive weeks. Garth credits the major success of "The Dance" followed by "Friends In Low Places" as the key to his phenomenal success. 

Do you remember this classic Garth Brooks song? 


Source: The Bobby Bones Show, Taste of Country, Wikipedia

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