San Francisco Bans Tour Buses From "Full House" Residence

This popular tourist spot in San Francisco is now no more. You know exactly what it is too. None other than the famous "Full House" house from the popular 90s sitcom. The house sits on Broderick Street in San Francisco and the city made the decision to ban all commercial vehicles seating 9 or more from driving down the street. 

Neighbors of the house had many complaints of double parking, congestion, and noise from rowdy tourists trying to snap a pic in front of the Victorian Home. One neighbor of the house shared the comment below regarding the problem. 

“Since the promotion of the house, we have counted between 1,000 to 1,500 visitors or more on a busy day. They come in cars, Uber and Lyft, tour buses, Go-Cars, bikes and motorcycles.” 


The famous house was the backdrop for both the original "Full House" on from     1987-1995 and the "Fuller House" spin off which came out in 2016. The house was actually purchased by creator, Jeff Franklin, in 2016 as well for $4.15 million. 

What do you think about the ban? Anyone want to sneak over with us and snap a picture to bring back to Florida?


Source: CBS 5 KPIX, AP News

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