Cops "Flip A Coin" To Decide Whether To Arrest

Imagine being pulled over for speeding, but instead of getting a warning or even a ticket, the officer decides to place you under arrest. Now, imagine you're placed under arrest, but the deciding factor between this and you going free was a measly flip of a coin!

This is exactly what happened for one driver in Roswell, Georgia the other day. She was stopped for driving too fast and asked to hand over her keys to the officer. After this, the officer headed back to the patrol car to converse with a colleague. The two are seen on body camera questioning whether to arrest the driver or not. The officer is then seen pulling out her phone and opening a coin flip app. 

The two officers laugh back and forth, flip the coin, and then decide to place the driver under arrest for reckless driving and driving too fast in bad conditions. 


The body camera footage was leaked and the two officers are now under investigation and under administrative leave. All charges against the driver were dropped.

"Wow, these people put my freedom in the hands of a coin flip and that's disgusting."

Police Officers Flip Coin

Sources: ABC News, Inside Edition

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