Abandoned Couch In Palm Bay Goes Viral

Florida is always giving us some sort of weird story to tell, is it not? Here's the latest viral tale coming out of Palm Bay.

The famous "Palm Bay Couch" as it is now being called has officially gone viral making news all across the country. The couch was abandoned on the side of Palm Bay Road near the Walmart and Mattress Firm. The couch sat there for weeks and slowly residents started adding to it making an actual outdoor living room alongside the street! 

Residents added a rug, table, mini-fridge, and even a TV to the area with the couch. Since it's growing popularity, the couch was even made official with a Facebook page with upwards of 5,000 likes!


Residents, tourists, and those just passing through have stopped by the dozens to take a picture in the outdoor living room! Many found it hilarious and thought the stop was a nice change of pace from their hustle and bustle. 

From the many photos below, you can see Palm Bay Couch definitely had a lot of fans, but as always everything must come to an end. The couch was removed from the area Monday night due to causing traffic congestion and being in an unsafe location too close to the road. 


The Palm Bay Couch has now made it's way to the West Melbourne Walmart where hopefully he will hang out for a while. We can't wait to keep following the journey of this now famous piece of furniture.

We bet whoever left it there is regretting parting ways with the celebrity now!

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