Warning: Squeezing Lime In Your Drink May Cause Nasty Rash

This nasty condition called "lime" disease (not to be confused with lyme disease) has people steering clear of the fruit and even a few cocktails or beers this summer.

"Lime" disease is a nasty skin rash that breaks out when the citrus juice from a lime combines with the UV Rays on your skin. The outbreak can occur when poppin' a lime in your drink anywhere outdoors. Yes, this definitely includes the beach! The gross-looking rash, as seen below, has many skipping out on the squeeze.


A past victim of "lime" disease, not only experienced the rash, but also broke out in blisters and had his hand balloon to four times its normal size. Although, this is was an extreme case as he was squeezing dozen of limes in preparation of his daughter's graduation party, this is surely enough to make anyone think again before touching the fruit. 

However, if you're one who just can't part ways with a lime, there are a few tricks to avoid the outbreak: 

First, if you can, squeeze your lime into your drink somewhere INSIDE. Then preferably wash your hands, forearms, and anywhere else the lime juice may have touched really well before heading back out into the sun! Also wearing a high SPF sunscreen may help prevent this disgusting case.

What do you think? Are limes something you'll be avoiding this summer or is parting ways with your margaritas not an option? 

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