Dreyfoos Grad Catches Vanessa Hudgens' Eye On #SYTYCD

For 19-year old, Darius Hickman, dance means everything to him. The West Palm Beach native studied the art at Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Since graduating from there, Darius has auditioned for the Fox TV show, "So You Think You Can Dance" and is completely blowing away some of the judges! 


Darius shared that it was the art of dance that truly saved his life.

"I have to dance. This is what saved my life, saved me from falling into depression. I have to dance in order to be sane again.”

But Darius, however, shared that if it weren't for his aunt who raised him, he would not be dancing professionally. When his aunt passed away, he decided that he needed to try out for this show for her. 

"I never thought about dancing professionally until after she died. She’s the one who introduced me to all of these dances and influences. I have to do this for her."

and what a great job he's doing! So far, Darius, has made it from the hundreds of auditions to becoming one of the 70 finalists! Over his journey, Darius, has caught the eye of one judge who you probably know by name, Miss Vanessa Hudgens!


Tonight at 8:00 pm on Fox, we will be rooting for Darius as he competes for a spot in the Top 40! Will you be watching? 


Source: Entertainment Tonight, Palm Beach Post

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