Can You Finish The Lyrics To These 10 Kenny Chesney Hit Songs?

We love us some Kenny Chesney down here in West Palm Beach! As the king of the beach bums, you know Kenny wants to party with his own kind and where else can you find better beach bums than South Florida! Kenny Chesney's "Trip Around The Sun" Tour is heading to the Coral Sky Amphitheater on Thursday, May 24th. Make sure you're ready for the show by freshening up on some Chesney songs from over the years. How well can you do on this quiz? No cheating! 

1. 1999

Little umbrella shaped margaritas 

Coconut oil, tan senioritas

Now I know how ___________ feels

a. Richard Petty

b. The Beach Boys

c. Jimmy Buffet

d. Kenny Chesney

2. 2002

He walked up and said what'll it be? I said the ___________.

a. the strong one

b. the expensive stuff

c. the good stuff

3. 2002

The sun and the sand, and a drink in my hand with no bottom, and no _____, no ______, no ________.

Y'all better not need choices for this one!

4. 2004

When the sun goes down, we'll ___________

When the sun goes down, be feelin' alright, 

a. be drinking

b. be groovin'

c. be moving.

5. 2005

Maybe I'll settle down, get married or stay single and stay free, which road I travel _______________.

a. will be up to me

b. I'll still be me. 

c. is still a mystery to me.

6. 2007

Just like that you're six years old and you take a nap and you wake up and you're ______.

a. 35

b. 29

c. 15 

d. 25

7. 2010

Laughing loud on a carnival ride, 

Yeah driving around on a Saturday night 

You made fun of me for singing my song, 

Got a _____________ just to turn you on.

a. bottle of wine

b. hotel room

c. new sports car

8. 2012

I told you I wouldn't call, I told you I wouldn't care, but baby _________ ___ _________ gets me no where. 

a. sitting at home

b. pacing the floor

c. climbing the wall

9. 2014

Baptist church parkin' lot, 

tryin' not to get caught. 

Take her home and give her _____ _________.

a. your jacket

b. a kiss

c. a hug.

10. 2016

All the pretty girls said pick me up at eight. 

All the pretty girls said I'm going to L.A. 

All the pretty girls said I hate my hair 

Talking to  _________________.

a. their friends all night long.

b. the mirror in their underwear.

c. the dog, but he just don't care.



1. c. Jimmy Buffet

2. c. The Good Stuff

3. No shoes, no shirt, no problems.

4. b. be groovin'

5. c. still a mystery to me

6. d. 25

7. b. hotel room

8. c. climbing the wall

9. a. your jacket

10. b. the mirror in your underwear

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