Deputy Pumps Gas And Pays For Woman Who Can’t Afford To Get Home

A deputy in North Carolina was caught doing an act of kindness and a Facebook post about it is going viral.Chris Owen with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office was on duty in Walkertown when a woman approached him and asked for help. She explained that she was on her way home and needed gas, and she asked if he could pump it for her because she’s handicapped.

Owen was happy to help, but when the driver handed him $8 to pay for the gas, he asked where she was heading and he doubted that would be enough to get her home, so he swiped his own card and filled up her tank. She was very grateful and thanked him several times before driving off.

“You never know someone's circumstances or what challenges they are facing every day,” Owen says,” and a seemingly small act may end up making a difference for someone.”



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