Super Starbucks Fan Visits 15,000 Locations In 22 Years

Think you’ve been to a lot of Starbucks? This guy plans to hit up every single one on the planet and he’s been visiting them for more than two decades and he’s not even halfway there. The man, who’s full name is reportedly justWinter, has been to 15-thousand locations in 22 years, recently hitting the 15-thousandth in Peru.

Winter claims to have been to nearly 12-thousand Starbucks in the U.S. and Canada, along with more than three-thousand locations around the world. The Texas native says he’s “quite thrilled” to have reached a significant milestone in his “Starbucking quest,” and he’s not slowing down.

Since hitting the 15,000th location in South America, he went on to visit 44 more in Peru and now his total is up to 15,057 and counting. And the craziest part? Winter says he actually prefers independent coffee to Starbucks brews. He says, “That’s the definition of irony right there.”

Source:New York Post

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