Shelter Dresses Animals As Aliens To Boost Adoption Rates

As more than three-million Facebook users showed interest in “storming” Area 51 to find aliens, a couple animal shelters are dressing their rescue animals as aliens to try to get them adopted. They’re hoping all the buzz about the classified facility in Nevada will help boost adoption rates during the busy summer months, so they’re dressing dogs in tin foil hats to lure people in.

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare shelter posted adorable photos on social media of some of its dogs looking like extraterrestrials, with the caption: “Adoption isn’t that far out of this world.” And the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Shelter in Texas showed off their animals wearing funny, bright-colored costumes with the tongue-in-cheek post, “Do you want to storm Area 51 and find aliens? You can do that right here … We won’t resist, you can take them all.”

The posts went viral and both shelters say they helped find animals homes during a busy time. John Gary, superintendent for Oklahoma City Animal Welfare says, “The public support has just been incredible."

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